About Beacon case studies

Beacons shine a light on good practice in the sector that others can learn from. They are celebrated at the annual Beacons Awards, which for 2021 was won by New Plymouth District Council.

The Beacons workstream was established to share good practice and innovation across the sector, and support the Accord's vision of 'A higher performing construction sector for a better New Zealand'.

Case studies are used to show how projects or businesses are adapting new approaches and putting the Accord's principles into action. Lessons and improvements will be continuously shared to ensure that the sector can learn from each other and speed up the transformation of the industry. Organisations or individuals that are profiled have the opportunity to show leadership and support the Accord principles of working collaboratively, fostering innovation and sharing knowledge.

At the end of each year, the case studies that have been shared throughout the year will be acknowledged through the Beacons Awards, with an expert judging panel selecting an overall winner.

Identifying Beacons

Any activity relevant to construction could be a Beacon case study. It might be an entire construction project, an innovative collaboration model, a successful procurement method, or a new approach to environmental sustainability. It could be a project that is just beginning, or one that has been completed. The project must meet a set criteria, and present a learning opportunity for the construction sector.

To ensure that everyone can learn from Beacons, we are looking for exemplars from projects of different types, sizes and locations that come from across industry and the public sector.

Potential Beacon case studies will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Alignment with the Accord's principles
  • Contribution to the Accord's goals and outcomes
  • Potential to support innovation
  • Replicability across the sector
  • Ability to support sector-wide transformation

Potential Beacon case studies can be self-nominated, or identified by Accord partners or others in the sector. Each year, the Beacons Awards judging panel will identify the most transformative and impactful projects and businesses in the sector to be celebrated at the annual Beacons Awards. However, all Beacons case studies have an important role to play in demonstrating approaches of different types, and support a culture of sharing and transparency in the industry.

To nominate a potential Beacon case study, contact the Accord Transformation Unit – accord@mbie.govt.nz

Download the application form to become a Beacon case study [DOCX, 289 KB]

Being a Beacon

Being profiled as a Beacon case study gives companies, agencies and organisations the opportunity to be a leader in sector transformation, and to take advantage of the Accord Network to support their initiative. Participants need to be willing to operate their project in line with relevant Accord principles, to share details of their activities, and to report the things that worked well and what could be improved.

This information will be shared with Accord members and the wider sector in a number of ways, including the Accord newsletter and website, being interviewed for a case study video, and at in-person and virtual events. In this way, entities can help others to improve their practices, which will lead to a better performing sector.