Guidelines, information and practice

As we all work together to get through COVID-19, it’s important we have consistent and clear guidelines to follow and that we share information and good practice. This page includes links to documents, tools, resources and web pages that will help clients and industry navigate working in the construction sector in the COVID-19 environment.

This page will be continually updated as new guidance is developed and other information comes to hand. Not all information linked to is necessarily endorsed or approved by the Construction Sector Accord, it is provided to share information and support good decision making. link) – Official government website for COVID-19

Ministry of Health(external link) – COVID-19 health information link) – COVID-19 information specific to the construction sector

WorkSafe(external link) – Workplace health and safety during COVID-19

Industry health and safety(external link) – Construction sector standards and protocols

Health and safety

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COVID-19 – construction industry health and safety standards

Health and safety standards(external link)



MATES in Construction mental health support line and other resources

MATES website(external link)


MATES in Construction

General mental health resources list

COVID-19: Mental health and wellbeing resources(external link)


Ministry of Health

Procurement and contract management

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Guidance to government agencies on a consistent approach to construction contracts during the COVID-19 disruption. Private sector clients are encouraged to also follow the guidelines.

Contractual guidelines for procuring agencies [PDF, 527 KB](external link)



Guidance to government agencies on determining the fair value of variations due to COVID-19 disruption.

Contract variation guidelines [PDF, 758 KB]


MBIE/Construction Sector Accord

Guidance to government agencies on discussions with contractors re essential services, procurement, contracts, and business continuity plans.

General COVID-19 procurement guidance [PDF, 671 KB]


Construction Sector Accord

Pipeline and productivity

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Rapid mobilisation models for central and local government agencies

Rapid mobilisation models [PDF, 3.6 MB]


Construction Sector Accord

Auckland Council new rules to relax noise restrictions to allow longer construction hours.

Construction hours rules relaxation [PDF 1.7 MB](external link)

Good practice example

Auckland Council

General construction information

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Guidance on checking on the impact and damage caused by exposure of sites during lockdown

The condition of your site after lockdown(external link)



Guidance on exposure limits for different types of building materials

Exposure limits(external link)



Last updated: 20 April 2020