Construction and Infrastructure Workforce Development Council making progress

The Construction and Infrastructure Workforce Development Council (WDC) has established an interim Establishment Board (iEB).

The iEB was appointed in June 2020 to work with industry to establish the Construction and Infrastructure WDC as a legal entity. Where possible, the iEB will also work with transitional Industry Training Organisations, the New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology (NZIST) and other providers to provide advice and guidance to inform tertiary education system responses to COVID-19 impacts.

WDCs will contribute to the vocational education and training system by:

  • Providing skills and workforce leadership for the industries they represent. This includes identifying current and future needs and advocating for those needs to be met
  • Providing vocational education investment advice to the Government
  • Developing qualifications, setting standards, and moderating assessments
  • Endorsing provider programmes
  • Promoting the benefits of educating employees to employers.

The initial focus of the iEB is establishing the new WDC as a legal entity. It is currently developing options for the governance and establishment of these new organisations.

Last updated: 12 August 2020