Message from the Accord Steering Group Co-chairs

Andrew Crisp and Tracey Ryan reflect on the last twelve months.

Last July, we launched the Transformation Plan 2022-2025. This was a big step for the Accord, as it allowed us to build on the foundations of our first Transformation Plan and take much bolder steps towards a thriving, fair and sustainable construction sector.

The broader scope and ambition of the Transformation Plan 2022-2025 required us to reset our operating model. To broaden the Accord’s reach and bring in more industry voices, the first few months of the plan were focussed on establishing a smaller Accord Steering Group and four new sector reference groups for the residential, commercial, infrastructure and Māori construction sub-sectors.

With a new operating model, we were able to start progressing delivery of the plan’s initiatives. We’ve had plenty of great highlights over the past year, such as:

  • partnering with Construction Health and Safety NZ to develop a health, safety and wellbeing strategy.partnering with Construction Health and Safety NZ to develop a health, safety and wellbeing strategy.
  • supporting WorkSafe to create thriving infrastructure pilot projects to reduce health and safety incidents.
  • progressing an action plan from the Construction Skills Strategy and the Construction Diversity Roadmap.
  • reviewing and revising NZS 3910, an industry standard contract template, including a review of the roles and responsibilities of the Engineer to Contract.
  • coordinating government agencies to update All-of-Government special conditions in contract templates.
  • partnering with Master Builders to design a social media campaign on reducing construction waste.
  • co-hosting a cross-industry workshop with the Sustainable Business Network on construction waste.
  • partnering with Callaghan Innovation to deliver a range of Construction Activator initiatives to upskill the sector and promote the adoption of innovative tools, practices and technologies.
  • coordinating the government's work on offsite manufacturing in response to recommendations from the Commerce Commission's market study into residential building supplies.
  • partnering with the NZ Institute of Building to develop a digital roadmap for the sector.
  • teaming up with a pan-industry group to develop a marketing campaign to attract international talent.
  • working with Immigration New Zealand to update immigration settings for the construction sector.
  • releasing six Beacons case studies and a range of webinars to showcase best practice within the industry.
  • supporting the sector's response to the North Island severe weather events, including by publishing guidance to support the immediate response and working with Te Waihanga and Waihanga Ara Rau to develop workforce projections for the post-flood rebuild.

Being only one year into a three year plan, we are really pleased with the Accord's progress. Next year is going to be even busier as we start rolling out a lot more initiatives. The Accord's industry-government partnership is key to delivering the Transformation Plan 2022-2025. None of our work would be possible without the Accord's partners, who are doing the hard mahi and taking big strides with us towards the Accord’s goals.

The Accord goes beyond the Transformation Plan 2022-2025. At its heart, the Accord is a call-to-action to everybody in the construction industry to ask themselves, 'How can I do better?' It's an important and urgent question, because the Accord is looking to change industry cultures and behaviours. We hope you will join us in our mission to address the sector's challenges and work with us towards a shared vision for the future.

Andrew Crisp(external link)  (Co-chair)
Chief Executive
Ministry of Housing and Urban Development

Tracey Ryan(external link)  (Co-chair)
Managing Director – New Zealand

Last updated: 26 October 2023