Transforming the sector to meet the long-term challenges in the new environment

Find out about the Accord’s work to embed longer-term behavioural changes and improvements for the construction sector.

Throughout 2020, government and industry have laid the groundwork for longer-term behavioural changes and improvements for the construction sector. These will take time to bed in, but will be key to achieving sector transformation.

Establishment of The Accord leadership structure to strengthen industry reach and ensure delivery

  • The Accord has established and refreshed its leadership structure to build broader industry voice and support. This reflects the shift from preparing for transformation, to delivering on it. The Accord Steering Group, Transformation Delivery Group, and Accord Forum, all made up of industry leaders from commercial and government organisations, are the platform for oversight, delivery and engagement of the sector.
  • The Accord has brought in new members with expertise from different parts of the sector. This allows it to incorporate new perspectives and continue to deliver programmes at pace that will transform behaviours and performance across the sector.

Embedding the Accord principles through Contract Partnering Agreement

  • The Accord has launched a Contract Partnering Agreement to set out how parties can work together to follow Accord principles and contribute to Accord outcomes.
  • The agreement can be used by clients and contractors at the outset of contract negotiations to set out the behaviours and principles that should guide their relationship through the life of the project. The document sets expectations for how parties will behave in regards to risk allocation, payments, people, health, safety and wellbeing, and the environment.
  • This supports the sector's move from a 'lowest cost' procurement model towards one that takes into account broader outcomes, including a focus on the sustainability of the sector.

Beacon projects

  • The Accord is identifying innovative and transformative projects and nominating those that meet set criteria as 'Beacon Projects'.
  • Beacon Projects demonstrate Accord principles and act as examples that others can learn from, lifting performance and shifting behaviours in certain areas of the sector.
  • The first Beacon Project profiles Watercare, New Zealand's largest water and wastewater company, which has implemented an Enterprise Model approach. This brings construction partners together under a long-term relationship with a combined focus on reducing carbon emissions and construction costs while also improving health, safety and wellbeing.
  • Further transformative Beacon Projects are under development and will continue to provide new inspiring examples to the sector.

Breaking down silos between the public and private sector

  • The Accord has provided a platform for the wider sector to inform the Infrastructure Commission Te Waihanga's work on the construction pipeline. This is creating better flow of information and more transparency about projects and opportunities between central government, local government and the industry.
  • The construction pipeline supports sector business planning and investment. It is part of how the Accord is supporting a behavioural shift away from an unsustainable level of competition.

Towards High Performance webinar series

  • The Accord has launched a webinar series, Towards High Performance, to provide more opportunities to engage the whole sector.
  • The Accord has collaborated with partners such as New Zealand Government Procurement and Property, MATES in Construction, and Diversity Works New Zealand to deliver valuable resources, tools and information to the sector.
Last updated: 17 December 2020