Authorisation process for Auckland building product manufacturers

New MBIE processes for Auckland building product manufacturers and distributors seeking to operate in Alert Level 4.

Authorisation process for Auckland building product manufacturers

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has established two new processes for building product manufacturers and distributors who would like to operate in Alert Level 4 (Auckland).

There is a new process to request MBIE's authorisation for the continued operation of manufacturing and distribution of some building products in Auckland. These specified building products to support residential construction in the rest of New Zealand are:

  • coated roofing steel
  • plasterboard and gypsum plaster
  • cavity insulation.

To request MBIE's authorisation you must provide the required information by 5pm, 9 September 2021.

MBIE is able to authorise only 100 workers in total across all businesses and services to complete this activity for the above specified building products in Auckland.

MBIE will be undertaking an assessment process and providing authorisation to a limited number of businesses and services on Friday morning (10 September). Authorisations are valid for seven days from the authorisation date.

A submission process has also been developed to enable you to request that a building product be added to the specified building products.

More information about Building product manufacturers operating at Alert Level 4, including what information you need to provide(external link)

MBIE will facilitate these processes and provide weekly advice to COVID-19 Ministers on the building products that meet the criteria. The final decisions on including building products are made by COVID-19 Ministers.

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If you have queries on either of the above two processes, or if you would like to submit information through to MBIE, email

Testing for Alert Level 4 workers at the Auckland boundaries

The Government is requiring all Alert Level 4 workers who are permitted to cross the Auckland boundary to have evidence of a test taken within the seven days before crossing the boundary.

Workers will need to get tested whether they have symptoms or not.
From 11.59pm on 9 September 2021, employers of essential workers who need to cross the Auckland boundaries for work must have a process in place to enable these employees to be tested for COVID-19. This includes enabling workers to undergo testing, medical examination, or both during their working hours.

From 11.59pm on 16 September, workers crossing the boundary will need to have evidence of having a test. The proof of test will be in addition to the Business Travel Document all workers are currently carrying when they travel in and out of Auckland.

There is no cost for essential workers who get a test for this purpose. Nasal swab testing is available at community testing sites around Auckland or at GP practices.

Find testing locations in your area(external link) -

These workers are not required to stand down or stay at home while awaiting their result, as this additional testing is to provide assurance travel in and out of boundaries is being done safely.

Business travel across an Alert Level boundary(external link) -

Working at Alert Level 2

Auckland is at Alert Level 4. The rest of New Zealand is at Alert Level 2.

Construction industry guidance on working at Alert Level 2(external link) -

Remember, face coverings are now mandatory at Alert Level 2 for most people visiting and working in customer-facing businesses and services

For more information see the Business & money section of the COVID-19 website(external link)

Last updated: 09 September 2021