Business travel across new upper Northland boundary

At 11:59pm on Tuesday 2 November, the Government moved upper parts of Northland areas to Alert Level 3 for six days.

The Alert Level boundary runs through the centre of Hokianga Harbour to Mangamuka Junction on SH 1, east to Kaeo on SH 10, and then to just east of the entrance to Whangaroa Harbour. Below this boundary line the rest of Northland remains at Alert Level 2.

The Alert Level Boundary map(external link) on the Unite Against COVID-19 website shows the Alert Level boundary and you can use it to search an address to check which Alert Level that address falls under.

Travel into and out of upper Northland

The purpose of Alert Level 3 is to limit the movement of people to only that which is absolutely necessary. This helps to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the community.

People in Alert Level 2 areas can travel into the Northland Alert Level 3 area to work in any business or service which is open in the Alert Level 3 area.

However, for those in the Northland Alert Level 3 area, the current travel restrictions in force at the Auckland boundary apply. This means residents in the upper Northland Alert Level 3 area should not leave to go to an Alert Level 2 area unless for permitted reasons. People needing to complete urgent building, construction and maintenance work may only be permitted to cross out of the upper Northland Alert Level 3 area to a Level 2 area if they meet the criteria for permitted travel under Schedule 5 of the Alert Level Order.

In this scenario, businesses do not need to apply for a Business Travel Document from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment for workers to travel across the Northland Alert Level 3 boundary. We recommend that employers provide a written letter detailing why workers are travelling to be used as evidence to support the requirement to travel.

Police will be conducting spot checks to encourage compliance.

If you are travelling in and out of the Northland Alert Level 3 area you are not required to provide evidence of a recent test.

Where to go for more info

Read more about the advice for Northland(external link) -

Finally, we know that the pandemic has been challenging and changes in Alert Levels can cause a lot of stress and amplify other issues. There are trained counsellors available for anyone to talk for free at any time – just call or text 1737.

MATES in Construction also offer mental health services specific to the industry, call 0800 111 315 or visit

Last updated: 03 November 2021