The Reform of Vocational Education and the construction sector

The Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE) aims to create a more unified and sustainable vocational education system that delivers the skills that learners, employers and communities need to thrive. Learn more about the reform and its impact on the construction sector.

This webinar was recorded on 28 October 2021. It includes speakers from Te Pūkenga, Waihanga Ara Rau Construction and Infrastructure Workforce Development Council, Fulton Hogan and ConCOVE.

Webinar video

Improving vocational education for learners and employers

The new vocational education system has a stronger focus on employers – delivering the skills they need, providing more support for their employees and ensuring greater consistency in education across the country.

As part of the Construction Sector Accord's Towards High Performance webinar series, experts from government and industry discussed the reform and the next steps for vocational training in the construction sector.

Speakers covered a variety of key issues, including:

  • What you need to know about Te Pūkenga and its goals
  • The Waihanga Ara Rau Construction and Infrastructure Workforce Development Council
  • How employers can engage in the new vocational education sector
  • The role of ConCoVE and its education innovation projects.

Key speakers

Stephen Town – Chief Executive, Te Pūkenga

Te Pūkenga was set up by the government in April and brings together 16 institutes of technology and polytechnics around the country into one organisation. From 2023, all learners will be enrolled at Te Pūkenga, and once fully established it will be New Zealand's largest tertiary provider. Stephen discussed the organisation’s goals and the next steps in the national transition.

Warwick Quinn – Deputy Chief Executive Employer Journey and Experience, Te Pūkenga

As the former Chief Executive of the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO), Warwick joins Te Pūkenga to help support employers and their role in developing a more unified vocational education system. Warwick talked about the impact and outcomes of the reform for employers, and how they can engage in the new education system.

Elena Trout – Co-Chair, Waihanga Ara Rau Construction and Infrastructure Workforce Development Council

One of the most highly anticipated components of the reform is the establishment of six Workforce Development Councils that will give industries greater leadership and influence across vocational education. Elena explained Waihanga Ara Rau's role and its focus on ensuring the construction education and training system provides opportunities for all people in the sector's workforce.

Bharti Raniga – General Manager, ConCOVE

A COVE is a Centre of Vocational Excellence and is designed to drive innovation and excellence in teaching and learning, while improving links to industry and communities. ConCOVE connects and aligns industry, learners and vocational education to support career pathways within the construction sector. Bharti talked about the centre's key projects and its current work within the industry.

Last updated: 15 November 2021