Building for the Future report released

Accord releases a summary of the most significant international developments in construction and the barriers to their implementation.

As part of our 'Accord 2.0' process the Accord is launching Building for the Future, a synthesis of international research on the future of the construction industry.

It identifies the most significant developments in construction internationally and the barriers to be overcome when implementing them.

The report shows that new approaches are required for the industry to respond to challenges and meet expectations. Change will need to be brought about by individual businesses, by businesses working together, and by governments working with them:

  • use of transformative approaches in construction, including advanced materials, technology such as automation and applying innovative contracting arrangements
  • collaboration across the industry on standards, and sharing best practice and data
  • effective facilitation by governments to put in place effective regulation and to promote and fund research and development.

Examples of effective innovation are highlighted throughout the report, from "flying factories" to co-operative development of industry standards.

Read the full report [PDF, 4.3 MB]

Last updated: 01 November 2021