Pledges and practice assessments

To improve the performance of the construction sector we need to change the culture. Network members are expected to support a better culture in the industry and are given guidance on how to do this through the Accord Network Pledges and the culture and practice assessments.

Accord Network Pledge

The Accord Network Pledge is a commitment to positive behaviours that support a high functioning sector that everyone can thrive in. The Pledge is based on Accord guiding principles, goals and outcomes and all members of the Network must sign up to it.

We commit to, or support our members, clients or stakeholders to commit to:

Increase productivity

  • Always focus on quality
  • Work collaboratively
  • Support innovation in technology and processes
  • Focus on value, not cheapest cost

Raise capability

  • Foster the careers of our employees
  • Support training to raise skills in the industry
  • Adopt environmentally sustainable practices
  • Share good practice information and lessons learned
  • Uphold high health and safety standards
  • Support the wellbeing of our people
  • Embrace and encourage diversity and inclusion in our workplace

Improve resilience

  • Be upfront and transparent about risk
  • Fairly allocate risk
  • Pay promptly

Build confidence, pride and reputation

  • Be accountable for our actions and decisions
  • Call each other out on behaviour that is contrary to the Accord principles
  • Act with empathy and respect
  • Promote the Accord and encourage others to commit to it

Specialist pledges – sector support members

Group two 'Sector support members' are also required to commit to a specialist pledge for their member type.

Network culture and practice assessments

Project delivery members

Group one 'Project delivery members' are required to complete a multi-choice self assessment of their practices around procurement, business practices, people development, health, safety and wellbeing, and environmental sustainability. The assessments are a tool for self-reflection and while members are not required to be operating at a certain level of practice, the Accord will make it clear what the minimum expectations of members are.

The assessments will also provide baseline information to the Accord on practices in the sector. The Accord will use the information for sector analysis only, and not to analyse individual organisations. If we can get accurate picture of where the sector is at as a whole, we can better target where more effort and support is needed.

Find out what topics the assessment will cover below. There is one question per topic.

Assessment forms

These assessment forms are available to download for information purposes only. All sign-ups must be completed and submitted online by clicking the 'Join' button below.

Clients assessment form [PDF, 802 KB]

Construction Contractors and Specialist Trades assessment form [PDF, 902 KB]

Professional Services assessment form [PDF, 803 KB]

Join the Accord Network and complete the assessment form(external link)

Network member reports

If you're a Group one member (Client, Contractor, Specialist Trade, Professional Service), once you've completed your registration and assessment, the Accord will send you a summary report of your responses. These will also show where you are meeting, not yet meeting, or exceeding minimum expectations.

Once the Network membership has enough responses from each member type, you'll receive a second report comparing your responses to how your peers responded as a group, and providing links to resources to help your organisation improve its culture and practices where needed. All reporting through the Network will be anonymised and no individual responses will be identifiable except your own organisation's.

Last updated: 26 May 2021