What's next?

New priorities in the new transformation plan, ‘Accord 2.0’

The current Transformation Plan ends on 30 June 2022 and the Accord is developing a new plan for the next phase of industry transformation: Accord 2.0. Industry and Ministers have indicated a commitment to maintain the partnership approach to progressing transformation across the sector.

A consultation and co-design process sought sector input into the future of the Accord. Targeted reference groups were convened to strengthen input from parts of the sector that to date have felt under-represented: innovators, Māori, and representatives from the commercial and residential sectors. In parallel the Accord has undertaken research on developments in other jurisdictions, and canvassed the sector to gain feedback on the Accord’s successes and challenges thus far. This will inform the type of initiatives we seek to undertake and how we work with others to deliver transformative change.

Clear priorities for Accord 2.0 have already emerged:

  • Retaining capacity to address critical sector- wide issues of the day, including consenting, and workforce and supply chain issues
  • Māori eco-system development, including developing SME capability, procurement equity and leadership development for Maori and Pasifika
  • Environmental responses, including use of sustainable products and practices, and building environmental leadership capability
  • Use of data, including early signals of crisis, system performance indicators and data flows across the sector
  • Innovation, digitisation and advanced construction methods and products.

It will be completed in early 2022 with a new governance and operating model in place by August 2022 to deliver on the Accord 2.0 priorities.

Last updated: 29 April 2022