Mental Health in Construction

CHASNZ has launched two new guides for the sector — Mental Health in Construction: Information for Managers, and a simple pocket guide that all workers can carry with them. The intent is to normalise conversations about mental health and create a more supportive workplace.

One of the outcomes we are working toward in the Accord programme is to create an environment that better supports good mental health.

The new guides are part of the Mental Health in Construction Strategy that CHASNZ is developing with the assistance of Dr. Kate Bryson and the Mental Health Foundation. The guides are also complementary to the rollout of Mates in Construction which is commencing in November 2019 across five pilot sites.

An initial workshop in August was attended by representatives from industry, the mental health sector and Government. There was wide agreement that a co-ordinated approach was needed to better understand the drivers of mental health issues in the sector so the effort can go into the actions that will have the most benefit. A mental health in Construction is currently being worked on.

You can view the "Mental Health in Construction - Information for Managers" and the "Mental Health Pocket Guide" on the CHASNZ resources webpage(external link).

Last updated: 11 October 2019