Accord Steering Group welcomes two new members

The Accord Steering Group is pleased to welcome newest members Mike Craig and Susan Freeman-Greene.

The Accord Steering Group (ASG) is made up of industry leaders from commercial and government organisations to jointly lead culture change in the sector. Members of the ASG are responsible for oversight and governance of the Accord programme, as well as acting as an advisor to government on emerging sector issues.

Chris Bunny and Peter Reidy, co-chairs of the Accord, thanked the sector leaders who have left the Accord Steering Group and welcomed new members Mike Craig and Susan-Freeman-Greene who will build on the great work of the ASG in developing the Transformation Programme.

"The Accord is a true partnership between industry and government and it's important that we call on leaders who can reflect the diverse viewpoints of this relationship. We are excited to welcome our newest members and their perspectives to help us further lift construction performance in New Zealand and achieve a safer, better skilled and more productive industry," Chris Bunny says.

Mike Craig is a Trade Qualified Builder and small business owner, having more than 40 years experience in the industry. He is also a foundation member of NZCB and has been on the Board now for 6 years.

"The construction industry is largely made up of small and medium enterprises, so it's fantastic that we will have an experienced set of hands in the room. We need to be sure we are having the right conversations to better help this part of the industry," Chris Bunny says.

Mike is committed to seeing improvement in the construction industry. "The Construction Accord will help us with recognising where work needs to be done and embedding change so that construction can be a safe and affordable market for all New Zealanders," he says.

Susan Freeman-Greene is joining the Accord Steering Group as Chief Executive of Local Government New Zealand. Susan has held numerous leadership positions in the public and private sectors, recently as Chief Executive of Engineering New Zealand.

"Local Government has a massive role to play in helping transform the industry, as regular procurers of large-scale construction projects in their communities. We're very pleased to have Susan Freeman-Greene on board to help steer the work that is underway in this space. Specifically, helping to shape up government's role in allocating risk in contracts to better protect people in construction," says Chris Bunny.

Susan Freeman-Greene says, "the Accord is an exciting initiative of partnership and collaboration to achieve a strong, inclusive and resilient construction sector that supports the growing needs of our whānau and communities."

Chris Bunny says, "we are happy to have representation of small business and local government on the Steering Group and we are looking forward to working with Mike and Susan to help build a high performing construction sector for all New Zealanders."

Last updated: 28 January 2021