Managing risk post-COVID: Achieving rapid mobilisation and rethinking construction supply chain

Mobilising projects rapidly can get people into jobs sooner and have a positive impact on society, the economy and the environment. This webinar explored current successes and barriers to rapid mobilisation across the sector.

Webinar video

This webinar was recorded on 9 June 2021. It includes speakers from the Construction Sector Accord, Tactical Group, Civil Contractors New Zealand and the New Zealand Construction Alliance. 

Getting the construction sector moving

As part of the Construction Sector Accord’s Towards High Performance webinar series, experts from across the industry discussed rapid mobilisation across the construction sector, current successes and specific areas still facing challenges in getting projects moving quickly.

Speakers covered a variety of key issues including uptake and practical use of the Rapid Mobilisation Playbook; how to deal with post-Covid lockdown risk; managing contractor risk; and the current review of NZS 3910 Conditions of Contract for Building and Civil Engineering Construction.

Key speakers

Andy Cochrane - Director, Beacons, Construction Sector Accord

Andy shared how the Construction Sector Accord’s three-year Transformation Plan is helping to achieve rapid mobilisation. He discussed uptake of the Rapid Mobilisation Playbook that was developed by the Construction Sector Accord, in collaboration with New Zealand Government Procurement, to help fast-track government construction projects.

Jordan Reynolds - New Zealand General Manager and Director, Tactical Group

Tactical Group is a strategic advisory and delivery consulting firm focused on property and infrastructure projects in Australia and New Zealand. Jordan discussed rapid mobilisation and shared his experience using the Rapid Mobilisation Playbook, including why it has been useful post-COVID lockdown.

Peter Silcock - Chief Executive, Civil Contractors New Zealand

Civil Contractors represents the interests of more than 600 member organisations – including large, medium-sized and small businesses in civil engineering, construction and general contracting. Peter talked about managing risk in construction contracts and the current review of NZS 3910 Conditions of Contract for Building and Civil Engineering Construction – the underlying contract for at least 75% of non-residential construction contracts in New Zealand.

Paula Evans - Chief Executive, New Zealand Construction Alliance

NZ Construction Alliance (NZCA) was born out of the challenges facing the New Zealand Construction industry. It is a partnership of nine regional construction companies providing nationwide construction coverage through local delivery. Paula focused on contract risk and specific areas that are still facing challenges across the sector.