Accord Network

The Construction Sector Accord Network is an open collective of organisations committed to the Accord vision of a higher performing construction sector.

Get on board

A well-functioning construction sector is better for business and better for everyone.

Join a growing list of businesses, agencies and industry organisations that are working together to create a better construction sector in Aotearoa New Zealand. Industry representatives and government have partnered to improve the sector on your behalf — and we need your support to make it a success. Join the Accord Network and play your part in sector transformation.

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Why join the Network

  • Join a community committed to positive change in the construction sector
  • Receive resources to improve your practices, and get connected to peers for advice
  • Get invited to events and webinars
  • Take opportunities to have a say on sector issues and be part of solutions
  • Get invited to have a two way conversation with Ministers and Accord leaders as part of the monthly forum
  • Your organisation's name appears on the Accord Network webpage signalling your commitment to Accord principles
  • Use of Accord Network member logo so you can be recognised as an Accord member in your community.

"To join the Network is to get close to the people proactively planning and taking action to implement the long-overdue solutions needed in the industry." 

Steve Prescott, Director, Cousins Construction.

Being part of the Network

Organisations that join the Accord Network take the Accord Pledge and commit to a high standard of behaviour based on the Accord principles. The names of member organisations will be published on the Accord website so it's clear to everyone who has made a commitment.

Accord Network members

Clients, Contractors, Specialist Trades and Professional Services members will also complete an online self-assessment of their culture and practices. These members will receive a report showing how they are doing against the Accord’s minimum expectations for Network members, and will be connected to resources to help them improve.

Signing up to the Network is about taking the time to understand how your organisation can change, and making a commitment to playing your part in lifting sector performance.

"The Network is looking at priority work areas that are important to Kāinga Ora such as growing workforce capability and capacity, health and safety and more safe, healthy homes. Being part of the Network means we can contribute to and help bring solutions to the table for these priority areas."

Caroline McDowall, General Manager Commercial, Kāinga Ora.

How to sign up

It's simple to join and it's free. The best person to sign up on behalf of your organisation will be a senior leader who has the support of the chief executive. The time needed to complete the process will vary from a few minutes to up to half an hour, depending on the size and type of your organisation. Larger organisations might find it easier to complete the process in consultation with other colleagues.

Click on the sign up button below, read and sign the Accord pledge. We recommend you discuss your Network membership with the appropriate management and staff to make sure everyone is involved and on board.

Join the Accord Network(external link)

Types of member

The construction ecosystem is complex with many different participants. The Network is divided into seven types of organisation, and each of these has a unique set of requirements. These are designed to show how each type of organisation can contribute to a better culture and higher functioning construction ecosystem.

"We joined the Network to be part of the effort to lift our collective game in construction. Being part of the Network means we have better visibility of what the construction sector is up to and can play our part in being a better property owner."

Andrew Kibblewhite, Secretary for Justice and Chief Executive, Ministry of Justice.

Only one person should sign up on behalf of your organisation – some organisations will fit the definitions for multiple types, however, please only select the member type which fits your organisation's primary function.

Group one – project delivery members


Any entity that buys construction services and is named as 'client', 'principal' or 'owner' in a construction contract. This includes government agencies, councils, property developers and other private commercial clients.

Construction Contractor or Specialist Trade

Vertical, civil and residential construction companies, and any specialist construction contracting services such as electrical, plumbing, scaffolding, asphalting etc.

Professional Service

Any specialist professional support service to clients or contractors such as engineers, architects and designers, project managers, consultants, quantity surveyors, Engineers to the Contract etc.

Group two – sector support members

Legal Service

Legal firms, practices and divisions that work with the construction sector.

Product Supplier

Product and materials retailers, suppliers and manufacturers.

Sector Organisation or Support Body

Representative bodies including industry boards, associations, institutes and federations, and unions; and other not-for-profit bodies that support the sector such as through research, regulation, and health and safety.


Training and education providers.


Any other organisation that works in or with the construction sector not described above.

Issues with member behaviour

The Accord Network will initially be focused on promoting and enabling high standards of practice and behaviour, rather than on enforcing compliance with the pledge. However if you're a Network member and have concerns about the behaviour of another member, you can log your issue with the Accord Transformation Unit by emailing

While the Accord Transformation Unit isn't in a position to take action on or provide remedies for individual complaints, the information you provide will help us build a picture of behaviour and practices in the sector and direct our focus to where attention and additional support is needed. In exceptional circumstances, the Accord leadership may contact individual members to discuss a complaint made against them.

Next steps for the Network

Launched in 2021, the Accord Network has created a community committed to positive change in the construction sector by defining a strong set of culture and practice expectations. Over the next three years, we will focus on improving the Network platform and growing the Network's membership.

Initiatives from the Transformation Plan 2022-2025 include:

  • Peer-to-Peer Advisory Platform: Building on the Accord Network, this digital advisory platform will connect leaders with their peers to share key learnings and advice. Initiated: Year One.
  • Construction Leadership Summit: We will work with industry partners to bring leaders together to share lessons and review best practice so they can learn and grow from one another. Initiated: Year Two.

"Be proactive and get involved, this is not a problem only a few can fix. It's a collective and collaborative endeavour that requires attention from as many people as possible."

Steve Prescott, Director, Cousins Construction.

Last updated: 30 November 2022