Launch of Accord Network

Construction sector transformation continues with Network launch

Housing Minister Hon Dr Megan Woods and Building and Construction Minister Hon Poto Williams today launched the Construction Sector Accord Network.

Designed to bring the sector together to lift performance and drive change, the Network is a collective of businesses, government agencies and other organisations committed to a higher performing construction industry.

"At a time when we have record housing consents, and are building more houses than any Government since the 1970s – it is critical we continue to have a high performing construction industry," Megan Woods said.

"The Construction Accord Network will work to foster behaviour change and encourage collaboration across the sector. It will drive productivity and better outcomes through sharing and encouraging best practice and will launch a range of initiatives.

"The Network will give everyone in the industry the tools to improve their practice and the voice to participate. It has been designed for the construction sector, by the construction sector," said Megan Woods.

The Construction Sector Accord Network gives members a clear set of expectations around practices and behaviours for members to aspire to or to uphold.

"The wellbeing of New Zealanders is fundamentally linked to safe, durable and affordable homes, buildings and infrastructure, and we need a high performing building and construction sector to deliver these outcomes.

"The Network aims to start more conversations on important issues like being clearer about risk in contracts, improving staff wellbeing, being more sustainable, and simple steps like getting better at paying on time," said Megan Woods.

"The construction sector is our fourth largest employer, responsible for around 10% of our country's total workforce, or 250,000 people, and contributes around 7% of GDP. This contribution is now more important than ever with the strong pipeline of work underway to support our economic recovery from the impacts of COVID-19," Poto Williams said.

"The principles of the Construction Sector Accord have been critical in underpinning change in the sector to date. The Accord has been pivotal in navigating the challenges faced by global supply chain shortages.

"Every construction organisation, every company, from the big players to the sole-operator trades people, has a critical role to play in helping us achieve the Accord vision of a high performing construction sector to build back better," Poto Williams said.

Both Ministers encouraged all organisations in the sector, big and small, public and private to play their part by joining the Network.

"All of the Accord Ministers have urged our agencies to join the Network and lead change by example. I am pleased that all the Accord agencies have signed up early to the Network," said Megan Woods.

Members of the Network are asked to pledge to uphold a set of principles and behaviours and in return the Accord will continue to work on their behalf and support members with resources to help them improve their business across key areas such as procurement, contracts, health and safety, and workforce development.

The Network has been developed as an initiative of the Construction Sector Accord – a joint partnership between industry and government working together to fix many of the issues and challenges facing the sector. The Accord Network is unique as it will include members from all parts of the sector — from industry organisations and government agencies to clients to architects to trades.

There is no cost to join the Network.

Join the Network.

Last updated: 05 August 2021