2020 progress at a glance

See a snapshot of the Accord’s progress in 2020.

Maintaining a viable sector during COVID-19's immediate impacts

The Accord helped maintain a viable sector – including small to medium enterprises – during COVID-19's immediate impacts

  • Developed health and safety protocols to enable construction work to progress at COVID-19 Alert Levels 2 and 3.
    • Benefits the whole sector,including workers, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and large contractors.
  • Provided a unified voice that enabled government to develop tailored COVID-19 support for the sector.
    • Benefits the whole sector, including workers, SMEs and large contractors.
  • Kept cash flowing by developing guidance to address contract variations arising from lockdown.
    • Benefits the parts of the sector and their employees that deliver services to government.

Kickstarting work to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19

The Accord helped the government and industry kickstart work and accelerate a range of projects to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19

  • Secured government support to enable apprentices to remain in work and training.
    • Benefits apprentices and employers who need to retain skilled workers for the future.
  • Partnered with MATES in Construction to deliver suicide prevention and mental health support.
    • Benefits workers in all parts of the sector.
  • Helped establish construction pipeline clarity through guidance for rapid mobilisation and delivery of shovel-ready projects.
    • Benefits procurers and large contractors bidding for government infrastructure contracts. Will benefit smaller subcontractors in future.

Enabling transformation to meet long term challenges

The Accord is enabling transformation of the sector to meet long-term challenges and support resilience in the new COVID-19 environment

  • Launched first Beacon Project profile to showcase transformative innovation and leading practices.
    • Benefits the entire sector in sharing good practice that can be used to inform the planning and scoping of future projects.
  • Launched Towards High Performance webinar series in collaboration with partner organisations.
    • Benefits people across the wider sector interested in discussing key topics.
  • Development of Contract Partnering Agreement to help public and private parties embrace Accord principles and behaviours.
    • Benefits all project parties including subcontractors by setting the foundation for a good working relationship through the life of a contract.
Last updated: 17 December 2020