How-to Guide: Supplier diversity contracting for broader outcomes

Find out how this procurement and contract strategy works.

Who is this for?

Organisations who are looking to include broader outcomes, including supplier diversity, on large scale projects, in both the tender and contract process.

Find the right advisory partner

Clearly identify the 'target groups' for your project, and seek an advisory partner with direct connection to, and established relationships with those groups.

Supplier diversity isn't only about giving diverse suppliers opportunities to compete. It's also about removing the barriers they face and supporting them to uplift their capability, so they are equipped to pursue more opportunities.

Set the strategy

Assess the project scale, design, timeframe, and risks. Be targeted in your approach; identify the best fit trades for supplier diversity initiatives for the particulars of the project. Avoid 'casting the net too wide' and trying to 'be all things to all people'.


Engage early with potential Subcontractors and suppliers. Provide a high-level summary of the project and key commercial terms. Provide a template capability statement of the key information you need to know about the prospective businesses. Let them know if they have been shortlisted to tender; and if not, why not.

Trade Tendering (level playing field)

Provide early warning of the trade tender timing so businesses can prepare. Review the trade tender packages with your supplier diversity advisor; ensure they are clear and complete. Arrange for the supplier diversity advisor to keep in touch with the businesses throughout the tender (they may be able to connect them with support and services).

Hold a post-tender interview with the businesses. Provide considered feedback – good or bad, win or lose. Feedback helps the businesses develop and grow; silence doesn't!

Governance & Accountability

Monthly meetings between Icon and Amotai were important for 139 Greys Ave and provided an opportunity for Icon senior leadership and project team staff to openly assess progress and drive accountability to achieve the project's goals.

Download the Kāinga Ora social procurement document [PDF 479KB](external link)  -