The plan and you

The Construction Sector Transformation Plan will work to help make the sector better for everyone. See what issues are experienced by different people in the sector, how people can play a part in transformation, and what the plan could mean for you.

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To support positive change in the sector you and your organisation can:

  • Adopt the Accord principles
  • Call out behaviours you see that are contrary to the Accord - tell the person, your boss, or your
    sector body
  • Tell your stories about positive change to your industry organisation and to the Accord team so they can be shared more widely
  • Write and publish a personal or company pledge – "this is what I will do differently"
  • Follow the progress of the transformation plan on this website and read the success
  • Support the programmes in this plan where you can
  • Talk about the Accord and what it’s trying to achieve – be a champion for change.
Last updated: 26 January 2020