Regulatory Environment progress

Programmes in the Transformation Plan will improve our building consenting system and create a single leadership voice to help shape and drive building legislative reform.

The Regulatory Environment workstream aims to support the Accord goals of increasing productivity and raising capability. Specific outcomes in the Accord targeted are to enable quality durable builds, achieve fit-for-purpose options for products and services, build trust and confidence in the construction sector, and ensure strong, reliable and enduring infrastructure.

Find out what regulatory initiatives are in the Transformation Plan.

Initiative progress and milestones

Follow progress here on Accord and Transformation Plan programmes that support a high-functioning regulatory environment.

Date Milestone
Dec 2019 Government approves amendments to the Building Act 2004 that better ensure the industry has skilled and accountable people, fit-for-purpose building products and efficient processes. The reforms include:
  • strengthening the laws around building products
  • making it easier to consent for modern methods of construction including prefabrication and off-site manufacture
  • strengthening regulations around some occupations
  • proposals to address issues with risk, insurance and liability in the building system
First changes to the law are expected to come into effect from Jul 2020.
June 2019 470 submissions received by MBIE after consultation on proposed amendments to the Building Act 2004. Submissions showed strong support for legislative change.
Last updated: 26 January 2020