Leadership progress

Transformation requires effective cross-government and industry leadership, and will be supported by the sharing of success stories and lessons learned, and a coordinated voice on reforms.

Initiatives to create stronger leadership in the sector will enable the Accord goals of raising capability, and restoring confidence, pride and reputation. Better leadership will support all of the Accord outcomes but in particular it will foster a high performance culture, a more collaborative industry and a more stable, healthy and productive sector.

The Accord programme has already bought sector leaders together in an unprecedented way, creating a new pan-industry and government leadership group, working in genuine partnership toward the common vision.

Find out what leadership initiatives are in the Transformation Plan.

Initiative progress and milestones

Follow progress here on Accord and Transformation Plan programmes that support and enable better leadership.

Date Milestone Lead/s
In development Designing the Accord Network membership model Accord
Aug 2020 New model for Accord leadership designed, terms of reference agreed, and model now in operation. The structure is represented in the diagram at the bottom of this page, and you can visit the Supporters page to see the current members of the governance groups. Accord
June 2020 First Accord Beacon Project shared: Watercare – partnering for carbon reduction. A new independent workstream has now been set up for Beacon Projects. Accord
Jan 2020 Accord Steering Group members make a public commitment through the Transformation Plan to changes in their own organisations, and to support and model behaviour change in the sector. Accord
Sept/Oct 2019 Nearly 200 sector leaders and staff participate in workshops to build support for the Transformation Plan and gather views on initiatives to address challenges. Accord
May 2019 Accord Steering Group of 24 sector leaders from across industry and government set up to develop this Transformation Plan and begin driving behaviour change in the sector. Accord
April 2019 Construction Sector Accord launched committing government and industry leaders to work together to transform the sector. Accord

Accord leadership structure

The diagram shows three bubbles representing the three leadership groups. The Accord Steering Group is responsible for governance and oversight, the Transformation Delivery Group for design and delivery, and the Accord Forum is a place for consultation and feedback. The Forum is the largest group. The bubbles overlap showing that the membership of each group overlaps.

Accord Steering Group (ASG) — Governing the delivery of the Accord outcomes and Transformation Plan

The ASG is made up of 16 agency and industry executives who:

  • Champion the Accord, drive alignment and ensure stakeholder buy-in
  • Proactively advocate for the Accord across all relevant ecosystem groups
  • Constructively challenge the status quo, be bold and call those to account who depart from the Accord principles
  • Provide input and support ASG decisions.

The ASG meets bimonthly.

Transformation Delivery Group (TDG) — Overseeing the operations and delivery of the transformation workstreams

The TDG is made up of around 15 workstream leaders who are ASG members or additional sector experts who:

  • Champion the Accord and Transformation Plan to drive alignment and stakeholder buy-in to support the behaviour change required in their workstream area
  • Are responsible for the implementation, monitoring and outcomes of their workstream.

The TDG meets monthly.

Accord Forum — Providing a two-way platform for consultation and feedback on emerging sector issues

The Forum is made up of the ASG, TDG, and wider sector executives who are 'partners' to the Accord – critical system participants who can act as enablers or leaders of change.

Membership can change according to issues being consulted on. There is a pool of approximately 50 Forum members.

The Forum meets monthly.

Visit the Supporters page to see the current members of the governance groups.


Last updated: 21 October 2020