More houses and better durability

We need high quality, safe, affordable houses that are built sustainably and support good health and wellbeing. The Government is working with industry to increase the supply of houses, and to make sure new and renovated homes are built to last.


The government’s KiwiBuild(external link) programme will increase the number of affordable houses in New Zealand. It aims to build 100,000 homes for first-home buyers in areas where there is a shortage of affordable homes.

New state homes

$5.6 billion will be invested to build more state homes(external link) and renovate existing ones.

More efficient building

Build efficiency will be improved and costs bought down for new state houses and KiwiBuild homes through:

  • building to standardised house designs
  • making greater use of off-site manufacturing (OSM) of new house components
  • introducing new technologies such as cross-laminated timber in new medium density housing.

Housing New Zealand will partner with builders and construction materials suppliers to better harness government buying power and speed up construction through its Innovate, Partner, Build(external link) programme.

Building Code

Changes to the Building Code will support the creation of more durable housing stock, and ultimately ensure houses are built to be more sustainable and affordable over their lifetime.

Building system legislative reform programme

The legislative reform programme will explore ways to improve building durability by reducing the risk of defects in construction work through:

  • improving the quality of information on building products
  • holding people to account for their choice of building products and the way they use them.