Health and safety

Good health and safety practices are critical to a successful and productive construction industry. With the increasing demands on the industry to build more houses and infrastructure faster, we need to improve our health and safety performance.


MBIE is reviewing the Health and Safety at Work regulations to ensure the framework effectively reduces harm, targets the critical risks, provides clarity for duty holders and is working as intended.

Worker Engagement and Participation (WEPR)

WorkSafe has WEPR projects underway that will help place workers at the centre of health and safety systems.

Partnership with industry

WorkSafe are partnering with the Construction Health and Safety Association of New Zealand to develop a more consistent and effective health and safety prequalification system for the sector.

WorkSafe are also supporting strategic planning and sustainable resourcing for health and safety leadership groups in the sector.

Procurement rules

The government’s procurement rules will be changed so they support better health and safety at work, and guidance will be developed on incorporating good health and safety practices in procurement.

Stronger prequalification processes

NZ Transport Agency will work to streamline the contractor health and safety prequalification process and remove unnecessary barriers to entry while maintaining health and safety standards.

Housing New Zealand now requires all its physical works contractors to undertake an external health and safety prequalification(external link) before they tender for work.