Goals and principles

To achieve our vision of a high-performing construction sector, we’ve identified four high-level shared goals and a set of principles to work by.

Shared goals

Increase productivity – A productive, value-driven and efficient construction sector able to produce more for each dollar spent.

Raise capability – A skilled and capable workforce that meets New Zealand’s growing housing and infrastructure needs.

Improve resilience – Strong, sustainable businesses with the capacity to innovate and adapt to change and disruption.

Restore confidence, pride and reputation – A high-performing, transparent and trusted sector we can all be proud of.

"We as designers, clients and constructors need to establish a much stronger foundation of behavioural principles to guide our decision making. We need to reset the culture in order to lift our performance."

Peter Reidy, Chair Accord Development Group
CEO, The Fletcher Construction Company

Guiding principles

Industry and government have agreed to be guided by four key principles and to hold themselves and each other to account against them.

Build trusting relationships

  • Being accountable
  • Acting with empathy and respect
  • Focusing on delivering quality
  • Being transparent on the value and allocation of risk
  • Working in a collaborative and inclusive way

Be bold

  • Fostering innovation, and research and development
  • Not accepting conduct and culture contrary to the principles of the Accord
  • Sharing success and learning from failure
  • Focusing on whole of life value when buying and building

Value our people

  • Fostering careers to nurture the industry’s future
  • Recognising and rewarding effort and success
  • Embracing diversity and inclusion
  • Supporting better outcomes for Māori
  • Prioritising health, safety and mental wellbeing

Act with collective responsibility

  • Planning for the long term
  • Acting as a custodian for the sector’s future
  • Sharing knowledge and lessons learnt
  • Prioritising environmental sustainability


Measuring a wall on construction site