Cainan's story: from anti-vaccine to "get vaxxed"

Cainan was an anti-vaxxer – until he got Covid. Now he wants you to get vaccinated.

Cainan is in construction. He was anti-vaccine. He thought COVID-19 was "bullshit" ... until he ended up in Middlemore last week, struggling to breathe.

Now he wants you to get vaccinated.

The Accord is sharing his story to encourage vaccine-hesitant and vaccine-resistant construction workers to think again.

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Get vaccinated.

Accord Roadmap for construction

Vaccination and testing are key to the ongoing operation of construction. The Accord is working with industry leaders, CHASNZ and government on a roadmap that would allow construction to continue in all but the most challenging circumstances. The roadmap addresses the need for reliable certification of vaccination and testing.

Last updated: 19 October 2021