Accord progress

In phase two of the Accord programme, industry and government are working together to produce a transformation plan to achieve the goals and vision of the Accord.

An Accord Steering Group has been set up to oversee this phase of the Accord work. The 24 Steering Group members are industry and government leaders who will champion the programme across industry networks. The Group is meeting once a month to drive progress on the Accord.

A project team made up of staff from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and specialist external consultants is progressing the development of the transformation plan. This work is now focused on:

  • addressing the nine priority work areas
  • tracking the progress of the government and industry initiatives that are in the Accord
  • identifying additional key industry initiatives for potential inclusion in the transformation plan
  • identifying where the gaps are and proposing new initiatives where required
  • creating performance indicators to measure the success of the Accord programme
  • ongoing sector engagement.

This work will lead to the development of a detailed sector transformation plan that will be published in December 2019.